Monday, April 5, 2010

Our class wiki- so far

When we first started on our class wiki, I was REALLY intimidated. I mean I had NO clue what to do and all the codes and stuff looked very very complicated. But as usual, Professor Friedman had a great way of teaching us how to use the wiki. All we got to do is just COPY AND PASTE. Professor Friedman is right. We really don't need to know the codes or formulas for certain functions. Everything we need to do has been done already. We just have to copy the code and paste it and then adjust it to your liking.

Ever since we started working on our wiki, I've contributed to a number of things. One thing I contributed to was the New media in sports page. I'm a big basketball fan and I watch basketball often. Every now and then, I see news on players being fined because of a comment they made on twitter. Therefore, I added some information on this subject. I also added some videos on the Fun Link. I'm a huge fan of "The Office". And to the credit of Professor Friedman, I realized that there are a lot of video clips that are funny and relevant to new media. I'm really proud of that work so please check it out.


  1. It is good that all wiki pages follow the same format, so we can simply copy the formating codes and change it to our contents.

  2. Yeah, everything on wiki we just copy and paste. I really had no idea about wiki, and
    It was a first time to hear and learn about wiki. but, I am getting use to it!

  3. i agree with you Mike. i remember when i was working on my wiki, i messes up something and everything changed but thank god they had undo options lol. i am still little scared of using wiki because of that bad experience.

  4. I have a qustion. Can we delete somebody article on wiki while we are editing the page? If yes, I don't like it. You spend sometime to write an article and somebody deletes it because he/she doesn't like it.