Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

I going to be honest, I really thought this class was going to be an easy A. But so far it's not! I mean lets face it, there's a lot of work in this class. The frequent blogs, twitter post, and readings. However, I love it. This class has been really fun and I'm learning new things about things I THOUGHT i knew. There are so many things to new media than just the internet and cellphones. For example second life. Learning about second life and it's benefits was really cool. However my favorite class so far was last week's class on Viral. It was really interesting and watching the videos were awesome. The wedding video from the Office made me really happy and i didn't think a class can make me feel that way. The reading are honestly a big of a drag but I can see the purpose of them. They further our understanding and they take our class content and put it in the real world.

I think my favorite feature or assignment in this class are the blogs. When I blog i feel like i can write down anything and express myself. It's a pretty good way to blow off some steam or just be myself. Twitter is kinda cool as well but i dont really see the point. However it's funny to see what some people are tweeting. I'm pretty nervous about the research project. But then again I'm nervous about every project I do until I'm actually finished with the project. I really hope i do well in this class. I need an A to boost my grade.

Professor Friedman is an incredible person. Every class she looks like she just got off the plane from Paris lol. I had a couple of professors name Friedman and they've all hated me. I didnt like them that much either. However Professor Friedman is a great professor. Not trying to suck up but she does a great job teaching us the content of this class. She gathers our attention by showing us funny videos that relate to the information of the class. That's pretty hard to accomplish.


  1. The videos are definitely my favorite part of the class. Entertaining yet educational.

  2. I also enjoy the videos, especially the original wedding dance video. I understand what you mean by it making you "feel happy" & I don't get the point of Twitter either.
    True, writing blogs beats writing papers, but it would be even more interesting if we could come up with our own blog topics (about new media, with references to articles we find) rather than everyone having blogs with the same titles. It tends to get repetitive.

  3. yup, work load is a lot but i feel its doable and at times its fun. Blogs are great, you can write as much as you want. also i started to use twitter often because of this class. prof. friedman is great and she knows how to entertain the class while teaching.