Saturday, May 8, 2010

About someone else's term project

Dipen's presentation on the use of social networking in the work place was a very well thought out presentation. I learned a lot from it and i believe it was an important subject. There were a number of things he touched upon in his presentation. One of those subjects were why do businesses rely on Myspace. Like all other social networking websites, businesses use these sites because they are extremely popular. They can reach to a large number of people with little effort. In the beginning of social networking, businesses used Myspace but now, Facebook has taken over the throne. Twitter is also used by businesses for mostly promotional purposes. Companies are able to announce specials, sales and other promotions. It can also be used for survey reasons. Linkedin is a newer social networking site. It's more professional and companies use it to find possible employees.

There are many advantages with social networking in business. They can be used for promotion, contracts and to stay more connected.

The disadvantages would be that privacy an data leakage. Computers are easy to hack in and having valuable data can cause harm to the company. Also, workers can spend a lot of companies time and money using social networking sites.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Next New Media

Ever since the movie The Surrogate, I've always thought that the movie will become real life. Basically in the movie, everyone has a robot. Everyone in the world controls their own avatar/robot through a pod, very very similar to the movie Avatar. You have total control over how you look. You can look like Brad Pitt in the morning and become Angelina Jolie by night. They can feel, smell, see, touch, and taste everything the robot does. You're basically living your life through a robot. Living your life this way, you will not face the physical harm of everyday life. For example if you get hit by a car, only your robot is damaged. The actual person is safe and sound in their pods. Although this might sound scary, I can see this being a realistic feature of everyday life in the future.

Privacy and Confidentiality

With our technologies getting more and more advanced, we should be feeling safer and safer right? However, we're not. It's almost the opposite. The internet is probably new media's biggest component and with it's existence, there is literally no privacy anymore. Nowadays we do everything on the computer. We can pay our bills, shop, even make phone calls. There are traces of our lives on these computers and anyone can access them.

Social networking is also an invention that forces us to give up our privacy. Friends, family, organizations, and even strangers can find information about anyone through social networking sites such as Facebook. Other websites like Twitter allows people to update their exact location or activity. Why in the world would people want to do that? It's almost as if having no privacy or confidentiality is normal now.

We have to understand that the internet is a powerful force. It's easy to upload information but we need to know that it's even easier for a GREAT number of people to view that information. There is no doubt that privacy and confidentiality is a right we have to give up when we are on the internet. We just have to be more cautious.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Presentation Summary

I am proud to say that my presentation is about 98% done. I just got to go over a couple of things and really try to perfect it. As I posted up earlier, my topic for my project is New Media and Teens. Here is a summary of my project.

Within the last five years, media exposure for teens has increased dramatically. Between the years of 2004-2005 the increases were as followed: music audio: +47mins, TV: + 38mins, computers: +27mins, video games + 24 mins.

Not only did media consumption increased, media ownership increased as well. Ownership of laptops increased from 12%-29%. Cell Phones increased from 39%-66%. Ipods/mp3 increased from 18%-76%. This really aids the increase of media consumption because with these mobile devices, new media can be accessed anywhere teens are. Another reason why media exposure increased is because of the increasing number of internet access at home.

We all know that video sites such as Youtube and social networking sites such as Facebook are major contributors to new media. Video sites and social networking has become the top 2 activities on the computers by teens.

So with all the availablilty of interent and other sources of media, how does it affect teens educationally? Well, from information given by the Keiser Family Foundation, we see that people who spend more time on computers are more likely to recieve poor grades. 47% of heavy users of media claim that they recieve poor grades at school. (C's or lower) 31% of moderate users claim they recieve grades while only 23% report recieveing poor grades. Although it's easy to see that there is a correlation between time spent and poor grades, researchers have yet to find out why this is so.

Concerning teens social behaivor, 55% of teens say they use social networking sites. Most girls say they use it to keep in touch with friends while boys say that they use it to meet new people and flirt. Also, heavy users of media are more likely to be sad or depressed, get into trouble, and have conflicts with their own family.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If I was hired by baruch college, there are a number of things I would suggest to make this school better.

1. Get rid of Blackboard
2. Have all math, accounting, finance teachers post up videos of sample problem solving.
3. Send out personal texts when a professor cancels a class. Not everyone checks their email on time.
4. Have more hybrid classes. An alternative to class attendence is good for emergencies.
5. Have a link on the Baruch website for students to sell or buy used books.
6. Have programs for Scientific or Financial calulators available for students to download into their laptops.
7. Everything we need to do at the registrar should be done online. The lines are crazy.
8. There should be a waiting list for classes that are full.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our class wiki- so far

When we first started on our class wiki, I was REALLY intimidated. I mean I had NO clue what to do and all the codes and stuff looked very very complicated. But as usual, Professor Friedman had a great way of teaching us how to use the wiki. All we got to do is just COPY AND PASTE. Professor Friedman is right. We really don't need to know the codes or formulas for certain functions. Everything we need to do has been done already. We just have to copy the code and paste it and then adjust it to your liking.

Ever since we started working on our wiki, I've contributed to a number of things. One thing I contributed to was the New media in sports page. I'm a big basketball fan and I watch basketball often. Every now and then, I see news on players being fined because of a comment they made on twitter. Therefore, I added some information on this subject. I also added some videos on the Fun Link. I'm a huge fan of "The Office". And to the credit of Professor Friedman, I realized that there are a lot of video clips that are funny and relevant to new media. I'm really proud of that work so please check it out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

I going to be honest, I really thought this class was going to be an easy A. But so far it's not! I mean lets face it, there's a lot of work in this class. The frequent blogs, twitter post, and readings. However, I love it. This class has been really fun and I'm learning new things about things I THOUGHT i knew. There are so many things to new media than just the internet and cellphones. For example second life. Learning about second life and it's benefits was really cool. However my favorite class so far was last week's class on Viral. It was really interesting and watching the videos were awesome. The wedding video from the Office made me really happy and i didn't think a class can make me feel that way. The reading are honestly a big of a drag but I can see the purpose of them. They further our understanding and they take our class content and put it in the real world.

I think my favorite feature or assignment in this class are the blogs. When I blog i feel like i can write down anything and express myself. It's a pretty good way to blow off some steam or just be myself. Twitter is kinda cool as well but i dont really see the point. However it's funny to see what some people are tweeting. I'm pretty nervous about the research project. But then again I'm nervous about every project I do until I'm actually finished with the project. I really hope i do well in this class. I need an A to boost my grade.

Professor Friedman is an incredible person. Every class she looks like she just got off the plane from Paris lol. I had a couple of professors name Friedman and they've all hated me. I didnt like them that much either. However Professor Friedman is a great professor. Not trying to suck up but she does a great job teaching us the content of this class. She gathers our attention by showing us funny videos that relate to the information of the class. That's pretty hard to accomplish.