Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Presentation Summary

I am proud to say that my presentation is about 98% done. I just got to go over a couple of things and really try to perfect it. As I posted up earlier, my topic for my project is New Media and Teens. Here is a summary of my project.

Within the last five years, media exposure for teens has increased dramatically. Between the years of 2004-2005 the increases were as followed: music audio: +47mins, TV: + 38mins, computers: +27mins, video games + 24 mins.

Not only did media consumption increased, media ownership increased as well. Ownership of laptops increased from 12%-29%. Cell Phones increased from 39%-66%. Ipods/mp3 increased from 18%-76%. This really aids the increase of media consumption because with these mobile devices, new media can be accessed anywhere teens are. Another reason why media exposure increased is because of the increasing number of internet access at home.

We all know that video sites such as Youtube and social networking sites such as Facebook are major contributors to new media. Video sites and social networking has become the top 2 activities on the computers by teens.

So with all the availablilty of interent and other sources of media, how does it affect teens educationally? Well, from information given by the Keiser Family Foundation, we see that people who spend more time on computers are more likely to recieve poor grades. 47% of heavy users of media claim that they recieve poor grades at school. (C's or lower) 31% of moderate users claim they recieve grades while only 23% report recieveing poor grades. Although it's easy to see that there is a correlation between time spent and poor grades, researchers have yet to find out why this is so.

Concerning teens social behaivor, 55% of teens say they use social networking sites. Most girls say they use it to keep in touch with friends while boys say that they use it to meet new people and flirt. Also, heavy users of media are more likely to be sad or depressed, get into trouble, and have conflicts with their own family.


  1. I see that I had some similar statistics I hope I didn't delve too deeply into your topic. (Clearly an advantage of volunteering to present on the first day) Well since yours is more focused on the teenagers, and mine was social lives in general, your topic should still be educational and interesting.

  2. looking forward your presentation tomrow mike.

  3. awesome presentation. the numbers you showed us were incredible. i do think there's some correlation with the use of SNS and grades in school. mostly because it could be spent on something more productive. even if they were to multi-task the two, they can still get confuse with too much going on.