Thursday, April 22, 2010

Privacy and Confidentiality

With our technologies getting more and more advanced, we should be feeling safer and safer right? However, we're not. It's almost the opposite. The internet is probably new media's biggest component and with it's existence, there is literally no privacy anymore. Nowadays we do everything on the computer. We can pay our bills, shop, even make phone calls. There are traces of our lives on these computers and anyone can access them.

Social networking is also an invention that forces us to give up our privacy. Friends, family, organizations, and even strangers can find information about anyone through social networking sites such as Facebook. Other websites like Twitter allows people to update their exact location or activity. Why in the world would people want to do that? It's almost as if having no privacy or confidentiality is normal now.

We have to understand that the internet is a powerful force. It's easy to upload information but we need to know that it's even easier for a GREAT number of people to view that information. There is no doubt that privacy and confidentiality is a right we have to give up when we are on the internet. We just have to be more cautious.

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  1. As concerning privacy and confifentiality, we also need to be aware of the hackers. They are always one step in front of us. No matter how secure a site is, they can find a way to hack in. Like 2 months ago, chinese biggest search engine Baidu was hacked, but they are able to recover in less than 2 hours.