Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If I was hired by baruch college, there are a number of things I would suggest to make this school better.

1. Get rid of Blackboard
2. Have all math, accounting, finance teachers post up videos of sample problem solving.
3. Send out personal texts when a professor cancels a class. Not everyone checks their email on time.
4. Have more hybrid classes. An alternative to class attendence is good for emergencies.
5. Have a link on the Baruch website for students to sell or buy used books.
6. Have programs for Scientific or Financial calulators available for students to download into their laptops.
7. Everything we need to do at the registrar should be done online. The lines are crazy.
8. There should be a waiting list for classes that are full.


  1. hey mike, i must say you have pretty good suggestions up there. But few things that i think your are not aware of is that recently baruch created website where students can sell and buy books also they do have waiting list for the classes that are full but you have to follow up.

  2. I agree professors should send out personal texts. I hate it when the professor cancels class and doesn't communicate with their students. This would save me a lot of time traveling to class and waiting for the professor to show up.

  3. I don't quite understand why you would want to get rid of Blackboard. Of course it is annoying when Blackboard is down, but without it students would be lost since it contains syllabuses, homework, grades, etc.
    Text message notifications of class cancellations would be very convenient. Although I recieve emails on my phone, many people don't have internet on their cell phones and waste time showing up. A lot of the time professors cancel class and hour before its supposed to start!

  4. I don't think that getting rid of blackboard is an good idea. As you said teetee, if I lose any important documents form the class, I still can get them back on blackboard. However, blackboard should be much improved in the futere because of the crashes.